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Youth Wrestling Programs


TCU Titans Youth Wrestling Programs are located within the Tri-City United ISD#2905, covering the Montgomery, Lonsdale, and Le Center communities.


We are located south of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. We are sister programs consisting of the Montgomery-Lonsdale campus and Le Center campus.


Tri-City United Youth Wrestling offers youth an opportunity to learn about the sport of wrestling, the character it develops, and encourage youth camaraderie from all three communities. By offering multiple practices a week, coaching support at all levels of youth tournaments, and a strong parent driven direction - the partnership and empowerment that all youth are able to experience is a great life lesson. 

Head Coach: Joey Grasser

        Le Center        Campus Program


Head Coach: Trevor Houn Montgomery/ Lonsdale Campus Program


"Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy." Dan Gable


Wrestling brings to the surface dedication and drive no other sport can offer.


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